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email for gaco oarlocks
By Australian boat builder John Murray inventor of the Gaco Oarlock.

swift dory rowboat

Gaco Oarlocks, Revolutionary Design!


Hi John,

Gaco absolutely brilliant!!!
We successfully completed our "Row a Round Ireland" on 26th September last year and managed to raise Ä110,000 and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.
Around 1000 nautical miles with a team of 20 rowers-it was a fantastic success and a marvelous adventure! The same Gaco rowlocks are on the boat to this day as I row about 15/20 miles a week during the winter and they proved themselves absolutely invaluable, especially in some of the North Atlantic swells and the short chop of the Irish Sea. The only worry I had was a capsize with the oars stuck in the out position-but thankfully we avoided that! I want to purchase another 8 rowlocks(ie. 4 pairs) with sockets and pins and if you'd let me know how much I'll forward you my credit card details.
We also made a scale model of the boat complete with the Gaco rowlocks and I'll forward you a copy of some photos under separate cover. Will hopefully talk to you shortly.

Kind regards,
Ger Crowley